Mente Locale - Visioni sul territorio (Local Mind - Visions of the Territory) is the first Italian festival focusing on the narration of territories through audio-visual media.
Every year Mente Locale offers a selection of international documentary films on communities and territories, highlighting the changes and challenges, solutions and gainings of people living in a particular area, village, district, or shared workplace.
Founded in 2014, the festival stands for the values ​​of equality, dialogue and freedom, respect for the territory and environmental sustainability. The selected films are screened in different towns in Emilia Romagna, supporting independent cinemas, bringing local audiences together with international professionals in the beautiful countryside between Bologna and Modena.
Taking place in the heart of Italy’s finest cuisine, Mente Locale brings together not only the filmmaking community, but also local chefs, farmers, winemakers and landscape professionals, offering a creative platform for interdisciplinary dialogue on the elements of a good, sustainable, healthy and happy life.
The screening of the movies selected for the competition Mente Locale - Visioni sul territorio will take place from 5 to 14 May 2023 and the winners of the competition will be announced on May 14.

The programme of activities, the archive of the previous editions and the programme of the festival, currently being defined, will be published on the website of the festival:

The following awards will be assigned.

MENTE LOCALE – Global Vision, 2,000 Euro award to the best documentary

MENTE LOCALE – Archive Visions, 1,000 Euro award for the documentary that makes the best use of archive materials

Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano Reggiano - Award of 500 Euros to the documentary that best reflects the values of the Consorzio

Sayonara Film award, to the best short documentary assigned to the best short film, consisting of a distribution agreement

Sound and territory - Award to the director of the opera with the best soundtrack, which consists of a frame drum made by the craftsman Gianluca Carta

Special Mention assigned by a jury of students from the DAR - Department of Arts of the University of Bologna

TOURING CLUB ITALIANO Special Mention - to the documentary that most corresponds to the values ​​of the historic association that created the concept of tourism in Italy

Special Mention REGIONAL SECRETARIAT MIC Emilia-Romagna - ‘Filmare per bene’ to the documentary that better narrates cultural heritage, cultural identity and the landscape of the Emilia-Romagna region.

The selection committee will assign the films to the different sections according to their characteristics. Other awards and mentions can be added.