Sorry, all lectures are in italiano. But, art is over verbal. Anyhow you have the opportunity to learn a new and secular language.


Our courses

Undergraduate courses (Italian: Offerta formativa - Triennio)

Postgraduate courses (Italian: Offerta formativa - Biennio)


Admission deadlines

The procedures of acknowledgment for international entry students are managed and administrated by the Erasmus Coordinator of the Academy of Bari and are planned depending on the bilateral agreements, according to the rules and deadlines of the LLP Erasmus. The Erasmus students acknowledged to attend a period of studies in our Academy are duty-free; anyway, the acknowledged students are duty-bound to acquire their own material, like colours, brushes and canvases, just like they were regularly enrolled students. The exchange students are advised to contact the coordinator at their home university to get more detailed information and application forms for exchange study. The filled application form together with a student’s portfolio and a motivation letter must be submitted to the Institute in observance of the deadlines, which are as follows:

June 30th for the fall semester, November 30th for the spring semester.

Cost of living

According to recent calculation, the total monthly living expenses for a single student in Bari is around 450 euro. This sum represents minimum living cost, which includes accommodation, food, necessary clothing, transport and school supplies. Students expecting to spend money on travel, entertainment, specific health care needs, etc. should consider accordingly larger expenses.


The Academy of Bari have an agreement with the new Campus X - a beautifull student dormitory.

Take a look! 

Rent for a single-bedroom in private apartment (with access to shared bathroom and kitchen) in Bari starts from euro 170-200 per month.


Erasmus coordinator
Prof. Raffaele Fiorella
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Contact person for incoming students
Natalija Dimitrijević